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Feel free to download and try stuff !

Above and Below - Michael Brecker (Live in Barcelona 1992) - Ténor Bb

Parker 51 - Stan Getz (Live 1951) - Ténor Bb

Swunk - Joshua Redman (Momentum) - Soprano Bb

Garden Floor  - Chris Cheek (I Wish I Knew) - Ténor Bb

Shogher Jan  - Ben Wendel (Red Hail) - Soprano Bb

I Got Rhythm - Don Byas & Slam Stewart (Live NYC 1945) - Ténor and Bass charts

Black Bottom Stomp - Jelly Roll Morton - Lead sheet + all parts (7tet)

The Impaler - Jeff Tain Watts - Bb, Eb and Ut charts

Locomotion - John Coltrane (Blue Train) - Ténor Bb

Four - Stan Getz  (West Coast Jazz) - Ténor Bb

I'll be seeing you - Chris Cheek ( I wish I knew) - Ténor Bb

Cattin' at the Keynote - Coleman Hawkins - Ténor Bb

Dina di Battista - Stefano Di Battista (A Prima Vista) - Soprano Bb

Ne'll Acqua - Stefano Di Battista (A Prima Vista) - Soprano Bb

Dual Highway - Duke Ellington (Unknown sessions 1960) - Lead sheet + all parts (8tet)

Quartet two part two (Three Quartet) - Michael Brecker - Ténor Bb

High Noon (Gratitude) - Chris Potter - Ténor Bb

Delta City Blues (Two Blocks from the Edge) - Michael Brecker - Ténor Bb

Blues on Sunday (Joshua Redman) - Joshua Redman - Ténor Bb

Moneypulated (Red Hail) - Ben Wendel - Ténor Bb

Oleo (UNT Master Class 1984) - Michael Brecker - Ténor Bb

Soprano Etude in Kick Major (C, Bb, Eb)

Audio :

Douce Sonatine pour Saxophone Alto électrifié (Eb)

Audio :

With pure crystalll teeth - The Olllam (C and Bb charts for the themes)

All the things you are - Warne Marsh - Unissued Copenhagen Sessions (1975)

Jonathan Kreisberg - 21  (Album Shadowless)





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